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Library accepts memorials

By Wesley Harris (Claiborne Parish Library Historian)

For many years the Claiborne Parish Library has accepted gifts and donations as memorials as well as to honor the living. Individual patrons and organizations have donated funds to purchase books to celebrate the memory of loved ones and in honor of retirements, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

When you donate money for memorial or celebration books in honor of a family member or friend, their names and yours will appear on bookplates in the front of the books purchased.

When possible, the interests of the person being remembered will be reflected in the subject matter of the item purchased. Books can be designated to be added to the Adult Collection, Reference Collection, Genealogy Collection, Large Print Collection, Children’s Collection, or a specific subject area. Specific titles can be recommended but acquisitions are based on availability and the library’s needs.

For more information, contact Library Director Pam Suggs at 318-927-3845 or