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Detention Center holds first graduation since pandemic

Left to right back row: Warden Dusty Williams, Sheriff Sam Dowies, Jaiden Kephart, Arsenio Knox, Freddie Pete, Terrell Thomas, Christian Collins, Rev. Willie Young, and DOC Education Coordinator Maci Moss.
Left to right front row: James Dorcy, Kalipp Lindsey, Sylvester Para, Randy Allbritton, Eric Gaubert

Offenders at Claiborne Parish Detention Center celebrated in caps and gowns on March 23, 2023 to receive Hi-Set diplomas from Education Coordinator Maci Moss. This was the Detention Centers first graduation since COVID. Sheriff Sam Dowies, Warden Williams, and Rev. Young gave encouraging words and treated the students to fried fish for their achievements.   

The HiSet program educates offenders and assists them in obtaining their GED. The Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office & the Louisiana Department of Corrections partner to make this opportunity available to offenders at Claiborne Parish Detention Center. Sheriff Dowies recognizes the importance of an education and feels that by educating the offenders it will lead to a lower recidivism rate. CPDC currently offers 10 educational Programs to help our offenders before they are released. The offenders must have a positive conduct report in order to participate.  CPDC has had a total of 11 HiSet graduates this year and have 12 students scheduled for testing later this month. The largest number of graduates for CPDC in one year is 17. The students are looking forward to beating the graduation record this year.