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How to fix summertime boredom – DON’T

Sweet, sweet summertime is upon us my friends. 

Last week was no doubt the busiest week of my entire life, which is to be expected when you have three kids. Ashton was graduating from preschool and enjoying some end of year activities. Emerson had cheer tryouts, dress rehearsals and her annual dance recital. They both wrapped up their ball seasons, while Kameron was just along for the ride. Although, keeping up with her amid all of this is a task in itself. 

But now school is over, late nights at the ballpark are behind us and dance sessions will not resume until August. All at once, the chaos is over – at least for a little while. I am sure looking forward to not having to drive 100 miles a day getting kids to a from places, my car being absolutely packed with ball bags, leftover french fries that missed being devoured in the backseat in between activities and having to listen to the Baby Shark song a million times to keep Kameron from absolutely spazzing out in a carline. You can conclude from this that we practically lived in my vehicle for a little while, always on the go. 

This week has been a complete 180. Things are slower, we are at home more and instead of being so focused on what is happening next, I am living more for now. But with these slower days comes the inevitable, “Mom, I’m bored!” 

Bored??? Let me be bored with you, please! (I cannot tell you the last time I was bored.) 

Usually if the girls tell me they are bored I will find them some chores to do or an activity to do around the house. I tell them to go for a walk or find a friend to play with. Go watch television or your iPad. But now I am thinking of trying an innovative approach… ready for it? Just be bored! 

It is good for kids to not be always entertained and have a little unstructured time on their hands. Instead of jumping up to find them something to preoccupy their time- let them get creative, allow them an opportunity to plan out their day and solve their “problem” of boredom on their own.  

These are all skills that kids can benefit from and may not be able to develop on their own if their parents constantly structure their every waking minute, so let them be bored this summer and maybe find a little time to be bored yourself. 

Paige Nash is a wife, mom, digital journalist for Webster Parish Journal and publisher of Bienville and Claiborne Parish Journals.