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Over 100,000 fish being introduced to Lake Claiborne this Saturday

By Paige Nash

Saturday morning, July 1, the Claiborne Parish Watershed District will be introducing 80,000 F-1 Tiger Bass and 25,000 Coppernose Blue Gill to Lake Claiborne. 

“This will be the sixth consecutive year of us introducing these fish to the lake,” said Vice President of the Claiborne Parish Watershed District Commission Chad Reeder. “This was orginally a five year project, but they gave me another year.”

According to Reeder, the commission receives these fish annually from America Sport Fish Hatchery – one of the largest producers of sport fish for stocking ponds and lakes in the southeastern portion of the United States. 

The Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office will be launching one of their boats at Kel’s Kove between 7 – 7:30 a.m.

“They will be loading up kids to go distribute oxygenated bags of fish across the lake,” said Reeder. 

Anglers and commission members along with other volunteers will also be helping to distribute these fish to various loactions on Lake Claiborne.