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Claiborne Parish Deputy Barnett set to speak at Minden Lions Club

Firearms and safety instructor Ryan Barnette is the guest speaker at the Minden Lions Club on Thursday, July 6.

Barnette, who will be introduced by Lion George French III, is a former Minden Police detective and current detective for Claiborne Parish Sheriff Sam Dowies.

He is certified in SWAT, as an active Shooter Emergency Response instructor, Tactical Medical Training for first responders, NRA certified Handgun and Louisiana Concealed Carry instructor, owner of 9&1 Tactical LLC and has many other awards and certifications.

Barnette is a columnist for Webster Parish, Claiborne Parish and Bienville Parish journals. And his columns were funny, erudite, practical and enjoyable to read.

He has a unique perspective in all these areas that listeners will find engaging, thought-provoking and very helpful. He will always take questions at

Minden Lions meet at noon every Thursday at American Legion Hall on Pine Street.