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Main Street awarded $50,000 grant

Main Street Homer has been awarded $50,000.00 from the Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Sub-grant Program (HRSP).

About the Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant Program:

The Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant Program, named in honor of the late preservation leader from Vermont, fosters economic development in rural communities through the rehabilitation of historic buildings in those communities. The program provides recipients (referred to as prime grantees) with a single grant that is then regranted in smaller amounts to individual projects (subgrants).  

Prime grantees design and administer subgrant programs that support the economic development goals and needs in their chosen service area. Subgrants could be limited to a single town, made available to rural communities in a particular county, or throughout a multi-county region or an entire state. Similarly, it is up to the prime grantee to determine what types of buildings and community resources will be eligible for subgrants. Will funding be limited to specific resource types (i.e. theaters, community centers, businesses) or can any building in an eligible community receive a subgrant?  

Prime grantees must determine the focus and criteria for the subgrant program they wish to administer and describe this program in the application. If successful, the recipient then develops their own application process and project selection criteria for choosing which buildings will receive subgrants. Prime grantees cannot use grant funds for their own properties or submit applications for individual buildings or pre-selected projects. The intent of this program is to provide funds that can be regranted to projects that have been selected through a locally administered competitive process after the prime grant is awarded.