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TLC’s Cajun Spaghetti

Special thanks to Tracy Campbell for sharing this recipe. Like he says “This recipe is TCW volume 2 worthy!


  • Thin spaghetti
  • Olive oil
  • Your favorite link sausage (I used Conecuh)
  • Dale’s Seasoning
  • Tiger Sauce
  • Shrimp, peeled
  • Cavender’s Greek seasoning
  • Minced garlic
  • Butter
  • Black pepper

Tracy’s directions:

Boil thin spaghetti in a MAGNALITE pot (a Louisiana cook’s best friend).  Add a splash of olive oil to the water.  When done, drain noodles and set aside.

In a CAST IRON SKILLET (nothing else will do!) slice, season and sauté your favorite link sausage (we love Bellevue, Wild Thingz, Down Home or Conecuh).  Add a little Dale’s Seasoning and Tiger Sauce before it’s ready.  Set sausage aside.

Sauté peeled shrimp in butter/olive oil.  I like to season my shrimp with Rick’s Salt or Cavender’s Greek Seasoning.  Add a little minced garlic.  Add a little Dale’s and Tiger Sauce before shrimp is ready.  Stir.  Set shrimp aside.

Keep cast iron skillet hot and add a little more butter and olive oil.  Dump noodles in skillet and stir.  Add more Dale’s and Tiger Sauce and keep stirring.  I’m a pepper fan so I usually add black pepper.  Stir for about 2 minutes until noodles are light brown and look good.

Add sausage and shrimp back to top of noodles, stir and serve straight from the skillet.

Serve with bread of choice.

(Ashley Madden Rowton is a wife, mom and published cookbook author who lives in Minden, La.)