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State Rep Mike Johnson calls for Republican Unity in the selection for Speaker of the House

Pineville, Louisiana –  In support of a widespread call for unity within the House Republican Delegation, State Representative Mike Johnson sent a letter addressed to colleagues and candidates for state representative, emphasizing the critical need for strong, reform-minded leadership to propel Louisiana toward a brighter future. He laid out a vision for unity in selecting a Republican candidate for Speaker of the House.

As Louisiana stands on the brink of transformative change, it is important to have a unified Republican Party in the House to effectively pass a bold agenda that will benefit the state and its citizens. His message made it unequivocally clear that he is not a candidate for Speaker of the House, nor does he endorse any specific candidate in the running.

In launching this project, the primary objective is to ensure that the process of selecting a Republican candidate for Speaker remains transparent and undivided.

To safeguard this process from outside interference, Representative Johnson pledged to support only the Republican candidate who secures the support of the caucus, regardless of who they are.

He now calls upon all Republicans to do the same, emphasizing that unity is essential for the prosperity of the chamber and the state. Representative Johnson encouraged fellow Republicans to join him in preserving the integrity of the selection process.

Johnson highlighted the immense potential for positive change in Louisiana, with the possibility of a Republican governor and super-majorities in both chambers, making it clear that the stakes are too high to squander this opportunity.

In support of a widespread call for unity and reform, Mike Johnson is ready to build a coalition that will set the tone for a more prosperous future for the state.