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Piney Hills Louisiana Master Gardners Graduation

By John Monzingo, Assistant County Agent

The Piney Hills Louisiana Master Gardeners, in conjunction with the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service in Webster Parish, offers the Louisiana Master Gardener Program yearly in the summer.

The program is offered one night a week over the course of twelve weeks. During this 12-week period, participants learn about botany, entomology, organic gardening, plant pathology, propagation, weed science, and other subjects related to horticulture.

The Piney Hills Louisiana Master Gardeners recently completed the program and are pleased to announce this year’s 2023 graduating class. Back row from left to right are Sybil McClesky, Becky Guillory, Briggette Ketchell, Cynthia Page, Gwen Voltz, Randy Leonard, Regina Brunson, and Ken Robinson. Front row from left to right Leslie Nallin and Emily Galindo.