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Haynesville and Summerfield high schools recognized as ‘Comeback Campus’

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) recognized Haynesville Jr./Sr. High School as a Louisiana Comeback Campus. This school has made significant gains in both math and English language arts. Also recognized was Summerfield High School as a Comeback Campus for Mathematics.  

Haynesville was 1 of 41 state-wide schools that have made significant gains in both math and English language arts despite the pandemic and the impact of two historically active hurricane seasons. Summerfield was 1 of 155 schools in the state that demonstrated a remarkable increase in the percentage of students who scored Mastery or above and a decrease in the percentage of students scoring Unsatisfactory on the 2022 LEAP Math assessment.  

“Louisiana’s students are coming back stronger, and this movement is being led by students, families, and educators,” said State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley. “I look forward to visiting these campuses to recognize their progress and learn how we can accelerate further growth for the children of this state.” 

A member of Dr. Brumley’s leadership team visited the Haynesville and Summerfield Comeback Campuses to personally congratulate the educators and students and conducted a “learning walk.” The learning walk around campus allowed LDOE leaders to see the specific efforts that led to student growth and better understand how they can be used to benefit students across Louisiana. 

Louisiana Comeback is a coordinated campaign to recover and accelerate learning lost due to challenges from the pandemic and hurricane-related school disruptions. In 2021, the LDOE asked school systems across the state to join the Louisiana Comeback by committing to invest a portion of their pandemic relief fund into three primary areas: attendance and wellbeing, recovery and acceleration, and professional learning. You can learn more at